Dual Language Bilingual Education

HOP Offers a Dual Language Bilingual Education offers a unique and immersive learning experience for students to become proficient in two languages. This type of high school program is designed to promote bilingualism and biliteracy, where students learn academic content in two languages, typically their native language and a target language, such as English and Spanish.

The bilingual program offers a curriculum that allows students to study various subjects including math, science, and history in both languages. The program allows students to develop proficiency in both languages, enabling them to read, write, speak, and understand complex concepts in both languages. 

The dual language program helps promote equity and inclusion as they help students from diverse linguistic backgrounds succeed academically while preserving their native language and culture. 

Moreover, the program offers a biliteracy certification, which signifies their proficiency in two languages and can be advantageous for college applications and future career  opportunities.