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Contact our fantastic PTA at [email protected]
Contact our amazing Parent Coordinator at [email protected]


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Ms. Fraser (Assistant Principal) - [email protected]

Need to Speak to a Counselor?

Counseling Team

Name  Department  Email Address
Lopez, Iris  Counselor- 9th Grade

[email protected]

Lawrence, Mery Counselor-10th Grade [email protected]
Kassim, Samira Counselor- 11th Grade [email protected]
Wilson, Denese Counselor- 12th Grade [email protected]
Connelly, Christine  Social Worker (9 and 12th Grades) [email protected]
Trowers, Tristan Social Worker (10 and 11th Grades)

[email protected]

Hills, Avalon Social Worker (Attendance) [email protected]

Principal - Andrew (Andy) Clayman

In photo on the right
Andy Clayman - Principal/ English & Social Studies Supervisor: [email protected]

Assistant Principals

In photo from left to right: Annie Martins, Linda OConnor and Karen Fraser-Christie
Email Address
Annie Martins - Operations AP/Science AP: [email protected]
Linda OConnor - SpEd AP: [email protected]
Karen Fraser-Christie - Senior AP/Math & Elective AP: [email protected]

Admin Contact Information

Name  Department  Email Address
Clayman, Andrew Principal [email protected]
Fraser-Christie, Karen Assistant Principal [email protected]
Martins, Annie Assistant Principal [email protected]
O'Connor, Linda Assistant Principal [email protected]