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Mission & Vision


We aspire to be a community of perpetual learners who contribute to a healthy world.


Health Opportunities High School’s purpose is to support students as they develop a vision for creating a healthier world. To that end
  • We create an environment where students are known, nurtured and challenged so they become well-rounded, socially and emotionally healthy individuals.
  • We expose students to academically rigorous instruction that is flexible to a variety of student learning needs so they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in an ever-changing world.
  • We develop authentic and thought-provoking curriculum that provides students with experiences that allow them to understand how to live a healthy life and contribute to their communities.
  • We engage community partners so students experience a range of health-related professions, enabling them to envision future careers. Our students are stewards of their own education, their communities and the world.